Becoming a Better YOU

protein waffle

Protein waffle: Protein waffle, my absolute favorite! The protein waffle recipe is very similar to my 1 carb waffle!! It’s basically the same EXCEPT with oat and peanut butter deliciousness on top!! This protein waffle is one of my “go to” post workout meals, especially after a good cardio session! It’s very macro friendly with […]

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Best way to build your booty

Looking for the best way to build your booty this fall? Butts are in. They’re always in, always have been, and probably always will, but what about those of us who just don’t have a nice butt? THE SOLUTION IS HERE. Now, there isn’t a magical workout that will just transform your booty to what […]

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Top ways to avoid losing energy during your lift

We all have those days where we just aren’t feelin’ it. We don’t want to get out of bed—or move for that matter—we don’t want to get dressed, get things done, and we especially don’t even want to THINK about having to go to the gym and have a GOOD workout. Those days happen, they’re […]

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Protein Cereal

The best pre-workout meal or just a snack to give you energy and satisfy you!

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Easy pumpkin squash soup

We added rice in ours to give it a little more substance but that isn’t necessary!

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How to Use IIFYM for Weight Loss

Many people have heard of the IIFYM diet recently. It’s a big deal! It is a way to comfortably diet while still enjoying your life and not cutting out social events, time with friends, going out to eat, indulging in your cravings, or feeling guilty about eating something you “shouldn’t.” This diet isn’t for everyone, […]

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One Carb Waffle!

Whenever I am cutting or counting my macros really close, I love this Pescience 1 carb waffle! It’s delicious and very macro friendly!  

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What is the biggest LIE that people are saying about dieting? “You can’t eat sugar and get lean, stay away from processed foods, stay away from fats, stay away from gluten, don’t eat sodium or carbs.” THIS IS NONSENSE! Don’t listen to it! Everything in moderation. There is absolutely no reason for any of you […]

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Protein Ice Cream

GUYS!!! this one is a MUST! I Used to eat it every single night and recently I haven’t been.. but its the greatest “macro hack” in the world!  

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Protein French Toast

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE french toast and everything about it. The bread, cinnamon, syrupy goodness.. its all so amazing, it can also be made macro friendly and fit into your diet!!

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