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Hello! I’m Maddie Goulding, an athlete, weightlifter, and aspiring bikini competitor living in Provo Utah. I hope to become an online fitness coach and provide training and plans for people who have the desire to push and change their bodies! I specialize in body building style workouts, but I do a variety of different kinds of training such as, HIIT (interval training), powerlifting, body weight exercises and practically any sports!
 I have always loved being active and involved in sports. I spent all of high school as a swimmer and water polo player in California, I am also a dancer and volleyball player. I started lifting weights when I was about 18, but didn’t know too much about what I was doing, I just knew I loved the changes I started to see as I applied myself and got better at it. I am currently a college student going to school, so balancing fitness, school, friends, and life in general can be difficult but I wouldn’t have it any other way!
I have so much love for fitness, nutrition, and continually striving to become my very best self, both physically and mentally. I want to be able to educate, motivate and inspire others to accomplish what they feel they’re incapable of, too scared to do, or unknowing to be able to push forward by themselves. I am here to help you become empowered, change in ways you never thought you could, and find the passion that I have found within myself through living this lifestyle and being a part of the fitness world. Nothing makes me happier than helping people love who they are!


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  1. Hey, Maddie. I have liked you for a long time and really think you’re beautiful. I have wanted to talk to you for many years now but have never gotten the chance to tell you my true feelings. I really want you to know that I love you. I don’t know how to explain these feelings. I just needed to tell you. This blog and your life are an inspiration to me. I hope one day I can have the courage to tell you this in person.


    your secret admirer

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