Author: Maddie

Post Workout Smoothie

Perfect treat for after your workout! Print Recipe Post Workout Smoothie I love this light, macro friendly smoothie post workout! It’s super yummy and refreshing 🙂 Prep Time 1 min Cook Time 2 min Passive Time 3 min Servings Person Ingredients 1 scoop scoop Pescience Peanut Butter Cookie Protein Powder50 grams Grams Blueberries1 cup Carb […]

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Protein Oatmeal

The Perfect Post Workout Indulgence This is one of my FAVORITE post workout meals because it combines oatmeal with yummy protein of your choice and flavor, some fruit, and peanut butter! Provides you with the fuel and recovery you need after a good session at the gym! Print Recipe Protein Oatmeal The perfect post workout […]

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5 Reasons You Aren’t Loosing Fat

Sometimes when you are dieting you may get to a point where you feel like you initially lost weight but now you aren’t and your body is at a bit of a stall. This is a “fat-loss plateau” and there are reasons why this may be happening: 01. You may be eating too much. This […]

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5 Quick Tips for Sticking to Macros

Sticking to your macros can be hard. I am by no means an expert at tracking or perfect at it, I have times in my life where I loosely track, don’t track at all, or I’m super diligent and I weigh every single thing that goes into my mouth and I don’t go a single […]

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How to Calculate Your Macros

  WHAT ARE MACROS AND WHY IS EVERYONE OBSESSING OVER THEM?  Macro nutrients are simply the carbohydrates, dietary fats, and proteins in the foods we eat. They are large molecules and our bodies need in large amounts, hence, MACRO nutrient. All foods contain these macronutrients or even a combination of the three. All food is […]

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How to Actually Enjoy Working Out

When I first got into training and lifting, I thrived off it. I loved it. I did everything I could to find new exercises and push myself to the limit so I could see just that little bit of progress. It made me feel good and empowered. Once I got really educated in the sport, […]

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