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5 Reasons You Aren’t Loosing Fat

Sometimes when you are dieting you may get to a point where you feel like you initially lost weight but now you aren’t and your body is at a bit of a stall. This is a “fat-loss plateau” and there are reasons why this may be happening:

01. You may be eating too much. This may not apply to you, but for some it may.. You may need to be lowering your calories to put yourself in a little bit more of a caloric deficit. Fat loss happens when you place your body in a caloric deficit, whether thats eating less food, burning more energy, working out more, what ever places your body at more of a deficit than it was before. Paying attention to what is going in your body is extremely important. You may think that you are in a deficit and not eating a lot, but there are lots of things that are very calorie dense and therefore its easy to eat more than you think you are. That is why tracking your macronutrients and calories is helpful to keep your body in that caloric deficit and you can see how your body reacts.


02. You may not be eating ENOUGH. You may be eating less calories, doing more cardio and more time at the gym, but more is not always better. Our bodies are very smart, very aware of if we are crash dieting and they begin to think we are starving it or depriving it so it freaks out and retains the fat we want to lose! As long as you are eating enough, you are in a way tricking it, it is very smart, but you are showing your body you aren’t starving it and you aren’t trying to kill it, but you are just trying to take some of the fat stores. drop your calories a tiny bit and keep them there for a little bit, dont go overboard. You want to set yourself up for success and to succeed in a fat loss phase. If you are that person that has been dieting forever and going extreme you aren’t really in a place where you can lessen your calories more. I suggest adding calories slowly back in and watch your body lose the fat again and get those fat burning hormones going


03. You may have not been dieting long enough! Give yourself some time and be patient! Most diets fail within a year. People crash diet, end it, and then gain the wait back because it isn’t sustainable! Once you start eating “normal” again or different from what you were doing, you gain the fat back which makes you feel awful, you hate it, you aren’t seeing progress anymore, and thats not okay! Finding a sustainable diet is so important because it becomes a way of life that you are willing to maintain and stick to.


04. Your genetics or your hormones. Now, this doesn’t mean that some people are genetically fit and have little fat and don’t have to do anything to continue to loose fat. Regardless of your genetics you will have to put in the work, but everyone is different where they lose the fat and how quickly they lose it. For me personally, my legs and butt are the first places for me to gain weight back and retain it. When it comes to hormones, there are tons of different hormones that control fat loss and fat gain and if those hormones are thrown off, then it will affect your fat loss. If you are stressed, your stressed about work, life, you’re doing too much cardio, your fat burning hormones will lower and your cortisol levels will raise which causes a stall in your fat loss and may actually cause you to gain or retain fat. Chill out, be patient, enjoy the journey, and try to keep your stress levels to a minimum.


05. You are truly in a fat loss stall. When you have exhausted all your options, evaluated reasons 1-4 and none of them apply to your or your body, then you are indeed in a place where you body is just not in fat burning mode and has in a sense “given up.” I have gotten to this place before and DONT GIVE UP! When your fat burning hormones have stopped working at the rate and speed they need to in order to burn excess fat, I like to implement something called a “diet break.” its a small, but monitored break from your current cut and diet that actually aids in better fat loss for your body.

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