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5 Quick Tips for Sticking to Macros

Meal Prep

Sticking to your macros can be hard. I am by no means an expert at tracking or perfect at it, I have times in my life where I loosely track, don’t track at all, or I’m super diligent and I weigh every single thing that goes into my mouth and I don’t go a single gram over! I just have some experience with it because I have been tracking for almost a year now and have learned quite a bit! These are some tips I have learned and used while tracking to help me stick with it:


Planning is super important, try planning out some meals for the entire week.

Eat enjoyable food 

Make sure that the food you’ve planned for is actually food you like to eat and enjoy eating! You won’t stick to it if you dread having to eat it or would prefer something else.

Meal prep!

If you know you are going to be busy during the week and just don’t have the time to cook every single meal every day, then prep on a day you have some down time! That way you can grab and go and it’ll be within your macro means rather than having to opt for something that may not keep you on track

Plan for and expect to have cravings!

We are all human, we want cookies and chocolate or a doughnut sometimes, so plan for it! Help it fit in your macros so you don’t have to think about how you “can’t” have it, you can.

Macro Free 

Lastly, this is my personal favorite because it helps me SO MUCH! Opt for calorie free (macro free) drinks when you feel hungry during the day but have either already ate your meal or know you can’t fit something else in! I love sparkling water, flavored sparkling water, Powerade ZERO, Sugar free Monsters for a little “pick-me-up” or diet soda! (Some people are against soda, which is okay, I personally enjoy it from time to time).

Hope this helps!

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