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Best way to build your booty

Looking for the best way to build your booty this fall?

Butts are in. They’re always in, always have been, and probably always will, but what about those of us who just don’t have a nice butt? THE SOLUTION IS HERE.

Now, there isn’t a magical workout that will just transform your booty to what you want, BUT there are ways that you can improve and transform it all your own!! Want to know how??

5 Tips for transforming your butt: The best way to build your booty!

  1. Cut the cardio. There are tons of “cardio junkies” out there. Cardio isn’t bad, but too much of it is, and you can’t expect to build a butt if your constantly cardio hopping with the hopes to burn off the breakfast you ate just before… (NOT GOOD) The best way to build your booty is definitely found when you eat!
  2. Weight lifting!! Weight lifting is actually one of the BEST things you can do to build your booty! I love it. It burns more calories than cardio does (gasp!) and its what will help you build the muscle and make your butt bigger. You need to be consistent and increase weight as you improve
  3. EAT!! I can’t stress this enough!! Theres so many out there that don’t eat enough! I promise eating the RIGHT amount for YOUR body will actually make you loose weight, even if its more than you are used to eating!! IIFYM saved me.
  4. Supplements. They aren’t necessary, but they can definitely help. My go to are: Protein and amino acids. Super simple and great! Protein powder helps me get in the needed protein for my body, since I just can’t get all my protein needs with food alone, and amino acids help your body maintain lean muscle!
  5. Make one of your days in the gym completely dedicated to your lower body, specifically, your butt. Maybe have a leg day and a butt day during the week, but definitely have leg day at least 2 times! I will make a separate post about various butt workouts you can try! Let me know how it goes!

Who doesn’t want the best booty out there? 🙂

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