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How to Actually Enjoy Working Out

When I first got into training and lifting, I thrived off it. I loved it. I did everything I could to find new exercises and push myself to the limit so I could see just that little bit of progress. It made me feel good and empowered. Once I got really educated in the sport, I considered competing and training for a purpose. It was so methodical that it was almost as if I started doing the bare minimum to get where I needed to go. I made a ton of progress, I had my goal in mind, I knew the path that I was on would lead me to attaining my goals, but the mindset around my lifting intensity changed. This bare minimum mindset came from just sticking to my program, trusting in my program, knowing that I would hit my goals as long as I just went through the motions and did what I was told to do. Although there is very minimal doubt that you’ll get what you want and work for when being methodical about your training, cardio, and macros, but I no longer loved what I used to love. I no longer wanted to set goals or set a plan to reach a deadline. I got tired of it.


I didn’t want to go to the gym, because I knew I “had” to. That liveliness and enthusiasm to kick by own butt during a workout diminished and I developed an unhealthy mindset. I was afraid to abandon the program, as if it was the only way of me ever seeing progress. I felt that if I strayed at all from it, then I would lose every single bit of my progress and completely hate myself, which is awful! You should NEVER go to the gym and stay healthy because you feel like that is the only way to be happy with yourself, you should go because you already love who you are and you want to take care of your body, reach your goals, find joy in the lift and enjoy life. I didn’t want it to control every aspect of my life because that just wasn’t happy. I wanted fitness to be a PART of my everyday life and still have the brain cells for family, my boyfriend, friends, school, and life in general. It doesn’t need to take over. It doesn’t need to constantly be at the forefront of your mind.


We all go through different phases of life and through all of it we need to stay open minded, whether its open mindedness in the gym, at your job, in school, or during your day. Never feel confined to one small way of doing things. The real change and happiness comes when you step outside of the “normal” and try something new. Now I work out the way I want to, I do what makes me personally feel good, I set a long-term goal for myself and I absolutely love it. If you don’t like what you’re doing, change it. Do something and create a plan that makes you excited, you’re more likely to live it and stick to it that way. You don’t need to try and be anyone but yourself, love yourself, work on yourself, enjoy yourself and BE SO. FREAKING. YOU. You are what makes you special.

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