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What is the biggest LIE that people are saying about dieting?

“You can’t eat sugar and get lean, stay away from processed foods, stay away from fats, stay away from gluten, don’t eat sodium or carbs.” THIS IS NONSENSE! Don’t listen to it! Everything in moderation. There is absolutely no reason for any of you to exclude an entire food group from your diet, unless you have tested positive for a certain allergy. The biggest reason I love flexible dieting is because it doesn’t mean fitting as much junk food into your macros as you can, most of the foods are whole, unprocessed, lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and filled with nutrients! BUT it allows you to fit things into your diet that you love without harming your progress. It is more unhealthy, in my opinion, to completely eliminate entire food groups than it is to allow yourself to eat everything in moderation. PLUS when you think and tell yourself, “sugar is bad. stay away. I can’t eat it or ill get fat.” All of a sudden you crave it more and more and catch yourself binging. Hit your macros consistently, get your fiber and Micronutrients in, then eat things that make your soul and heart happy. Like dessert 🙂


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