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How to Use IIFYM for Weight Loss

Many people have heard of the IIFYM diet recently. It’s a big deal! It is a way to comfortably diet while still enjoying your life and not cutting out social events, time with friends, going out to eat, indulging in your cravings, or feeling guilty about eating something you “shouldn’t.” This diet isn’t for everyone, of course, it may not be right for you or you may feel better about following a structured, more strict approach to dieting, but for many, this is a lifesaver.

Now, How do I use this diet to lose weight even while eating some stuff I couldn’t with other diets? 

Flexible dieting doesn’t mean fitting as much junk and sweets into your macros as possible… Most of the diet consists of whole foods, lean meats, MICROS, and nutrients! It just means you can still, with moderation, have the foods that feed your soul while still accomplishing your fitness goals!

It is very simple. Track and determine the amount of macronutrients your body needs to maintain the weight you have, lessen that amount, and monitor it for a couple weeks and see how your body reacts. Make sure to include all types of foods and keep your diet clean, but enjoy it too. You can refer to my article on Macronutrients, which has a break down of EXACTLY what they are and why they are needed!

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